N0ARY is the ham radio call for Bob Arasmith. I became a ham back in 1979 in the mid-west, thus the zero in the call. But since 1983 I have lived in Sunnyvale, CA. I have never changed my call because it is so easy to hear a zero in six land. For years I tried to get my extra ticket (ace the written, fail the code, wait a year, repeat). Then finally in 2007 after they removed the code... extra.

During my non-ham hours work for Crew Software, Inc. where I develop web-based applications to automate business processes. I am also co-owner in a wireless ISP, Gatespeed Broadband, where I get to play with RF and call it work.

In 1990 I got heavy into packet radio and wrote a BBS that used an innovative natural language parser for interacting with the user. It also functioned as a gateway to the Internet. The BBS was written targeting a Sun workstation running SunOS 4.x. Many others have been involved with it since it's creation back in 1990. I stopped actively supporting the BBS code around 1995 but you can still pick up the source here is you want to play with it.

Scanned PDF Manuals
BBS User's Manual
BBS Reference Manual
The BBSs that I know of running my code are/were:
Gary Mitchell (WB6YRU) operates the N0ARY-1 bbs in San Jose sponsored now by SCCARA
Pat Mulrooney (N6QMY) in Fremont, CA
Owen DeLong (KB6MER) in San Jose, CA
Bob Proulx (KF0UW) ported the BBS to Linux and HP/UX and ran it in Colorado

My Links

Located on top of Mt Umunhum the Bay Area Communications Society has been experimenting with fun technologies since the early 60's.
Lockheed Martin Amateur Radio Club (WA6GFY)
I have spend many sleepless nights working stations on field day with the club. I also acted for tower monkey for a few years.
Northern California Packet Association
If you want more information about packet radio in the northern California, BBSs, bandplans, etc. this is the source.